About Me

My name is Andrew Boutros and I’m a Texas-based Life Insurance Broker that is extremely passionate about making sure that you and your loved ones are protected. Getting Life Insurance in Texas is not as expensive as one might think, and having the right amount to cover is essential for every individual.

I can provide you with affordable and comfortable financial protection solutions on the cover you need to help protect you and your family, including:

I am contracted with over a dozen A-grade Life Insurance companies. Moreover, I can provide bespoke life insurance solutions to protect your world. Andrew understands that everyone’s circumstances are unique and he is able to provide life insurance solutions to meet different needs and requirements. With access to leading Life Insurance companies in Texas, he can offer you a life insurance solution that suits you, your needs, and most importantly, your lifestyle.

As a truly independent Life Insurance Broker in Texas, I can work with the whole market, providing cover that my clients truly need. I only work with insurers who carry strong financial ratings and have the ability to deliver claims efficiently and quickly. I have been operating as a professional Life Insurance Broker in Texas for a while now, and many of my clients have been with me from the start!

Andrew Buotros Life Insurance

Putting You First

My success is only due to the fact that I always take a different approach while providing solutions for my client’s needs. I quickly recognize what clients are looking for, rather than running a search on the internet or carelessly talking to a provider over the phone. This allows me to give my customer’s a much more personal approach.

Affordable Solution

I search the market on your behalf, making sure you secure the most suitable cover, at the best price, allowing you to save money. Additionally, I go above and beyond to find coverage that fits your budget!

Product Knowledge

As the old saying goes, if all you have to work with is a hammer, then everything in the world looks like a nail. I am able to offer a comprehensive selection of products and services that can meet any reasonable need a client might have.

Technical know-how

As a Life Insurance Broker in Texas, I understand all the legal aspects and know how the insurance policies are designed to fit into a client’s overall financial solution.


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